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My name is Michael Tanzillo and I’ve been a 3D Artist for over 15 years. I am currently a Head of Technical Artists with the Substance 3D team at Adobe. Before joining Adobe, I worked as a Senior Artist on animated films at Blue Sky Studios/Disney with credits including three Ice Age movies, two Rios, Peanuts, Ferdinand, Spies in Disguise, and Epic. In addition to my work as an artist, I was the Co-Author of the book Lighting for Animation: The Visual Art of Storytelling and the Co-Founder of The Academy of Animated Art, an online school that has helped hundreds of artists around the world begin careers in Animation, Visual Effects, and Digital Imaging.

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3D Artist & Mentor 13 years on Animated Films Head of 3D Technical Artists at Adobe / Substance 3D Growth Team Co-Author | Lighting for Animation Co-Founder | The Academy of Animated Art https://linktr.ee/michaeltanzillo